I hope the cast from Carmilla know they now have fans for life. Lesbians are very loyal creatures. I mean, I once watched a series of chocolate commercials from England because they had Kat Prescott in them. We ride together we die together is what I’m saying.

if just every marketer would ever realize the potential in creating a loyal lesbian following. we never quit! 

UN Women has created a course aiming to “develop and/or strengthen awareness and understanding of gender equality and women’s empowerment”. 
As I understand it, this course is meant for all UN employees (though I believe everyone can take it), and is a part of the UN’s increased effort to integrate gender perspectives in all UN activities and work. 

The course is free and will take approximately 2,5 hours to complete. 

If you are interested in gender issues and UN work, this might be something you’d want to check out!